Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Haunted Fort Delaware

In 2008, the now defunct Delaware Ghost Hunters (of which I was a member) did an exclusive investigation of Fort Delaware, on Pea Patch Island. Ten years later, it still remains one of the most intriguing investigations of my career. So intriguing, in fact, that I devoted a whole chapter to Fort Delaware in the new book, "On the Hunt for the Haunted," due out in April 2019 with Llewellyn Worldwide Publishers. An incredible "dousing rods" session where the EMF detector also responded to yes/no questions as often as not, started our night of activity. But the session in the Officer's Kitchen capped the night with a bang - literally. Not incidentally, the bang was reminiscent of the sound recorded by the TAPS team during their investigation at the fort, while in the same kitchen. On haunted surveys of the first state, Fort Delaware always tops the list as number one most haunted location. And it was, it truly was.

On the Hunt for the Haunted, by Robin M. Strom, April 2019.  Is available at, Llewellyn Worldwide, Amazon, Barnes & Noble,

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