Wednesday, February 20, 2019

A Haunting in Hartly, Delaware Part II

In this video the director of Delaware Paranormal Research Group describes the evidence they captured at their third investigation of the Hartly house,  As explained in the book,  On The Hunt for The Haunted, (LLewellyn Worldwide) the Hartly House was a location with an outstanding level of activity. From the lurking male apparition witnessed in the hall closet, to the female spirit who watched over the couple's young son, and broke up marital disputes. The team investigated the property no less than three times, and every time came away with evidence that suggested that there was something paranormal going on at the Hartly House. See first hand some of the evidence the team captured and know that sometimes the most haunted location may just be the house next door.

On the Hunt for the Haunted, by Robin M. Strom, April 2019. Available at, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and

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