Friday, January 7, 2011

Electromagnetic Energy Disruptions and Paranormal Activity

By Robin Strom-Mackey
Brad Steiger in his book Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits and Haunted Places explains briefly that documentation over years of paranormal investigating have repeatedly reported three distinct similarities: electromagnetic field disruptions, temperature changes and infrared spectrum manifestations.
Probably of no surprise to seasoned investigators are the documented occurrences of low-level electromagnetic field disruptions. These mainly fall between the 3 to 100 mliligauss (Mg) range the lower range wherein our own bioelectric bodies function. He believes these fluctuations are the, intangible “biomagnetic” field that comprises a “ghost (Steiger, pg. XI).” Basing his theory on the work of Brian Schill, (The DNA of Ghosts) he suggests that when a body dies, the bioelectric energy they possess is released. Remember, if you will, the scientific theory that energy is neither created nor destroyed. If this is true than the energy produced by our bodies may depart in the form of low frequency raw electromagnetic energy that usually disperses into the local environment. However, under unusual circumstances [my emphasis] this same energy may,
“’through covalent bonding, remain in the local environment and attach itself to a certain place or object that the person was attached to in life, or any place that has an electron deficit . The energy may, upon rapid release from the physical body (such as an accidental death tragic situations, or a rapid natural release, etc.) coagulate within the local environment over a short period of time, perhaps only a minute or two, and amass to such a degree that the greater portion that was originally in the body has now become self-aware outside the body (Schill).’ Psychological forces of conscious will may also trigger this type of reaction. When self-awareness occurs, there is generally a degree of confusion because of the new form that the person is in, one of pure energy rather than a physically manifested body (Steiger, pg. XI).”
These low-scale electromagnetic disturbances, occurring at the outset of paranormal phenomena might further explain why electronic devices suddenly stop functioning.
Steiger, B. (2003) Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits and Haunted Places
Visible Ink Press. Canton, MI.

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